Hi All,

Well I wasn’t supposed to visit here at all but the weather forced me to this location.

I was on my way to Katoomba to do a shoot but west of Wentworth Falls it was so foggy and drizzly that it just wasn’t worth continuing on.

In turning around I decided to come here instead and as I had my map for guidance and it didn’t prove a problem walking down here.

The only problem is coming out of here as it is a short steep zig zag out of here so taking it easy on this stretch is important.

The first shot is what could be termed the “normal” Terrace Falls shot which for obvious reasons is named that way as it drops down 13 terraces.

I also wanted to get a different perspective of the falls and that is the second shot.

Normally around waterfalls there is a bit of air movement which moves things around and makes it hard to shoot.

The air was really still at this spot so am really pleased the way it came out.

Care is required down here as it is very slippery and despite having quality hiking boots on, it is still slippery and rock shelf boots would be better again.

There are so many waterfalls in the mountains and it would take a lifetime to shoot them all but each has their own character which makes it such a pleasure shooting them!

Well this will be the last blog for the year so Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016 and see you then!


Sml Final Terrace Falls No 3 8 Nov 2015 LRCC (1 of 1)