Hi All,

As many of you know I shoot with a group occasionally and this was our Christmas shoot.

I feel really sorry for the locals when 60+ photographers show to shoot one thing but we did have a great time!

The construction of the these Baths started in 1887 and were upgraded in 2006 and is really just a pool in a rocky outcrop.

An unusual feature of the baths is the kick board here as I haven’t seen this elsewhere but it does give a feature in which to focus.

I usually don’t like taking shots when the lights are on as they are normally an orange colour but these were white so I think it adds to it.

Also I sense a certain calmness in the shot every time I look at it and the railing and lines guide you through the shot.

About the only thing missing was a great sunrise, but I guess you can’t have everything.

I really like this shot and it was the one that popped out when I was looking at what I had taken.

There won’t be a shot next week as I will be away in Tasmania for a few days so hopefully some great shots will come out of that trip!

Enough from me, enjoy!


Sml Final Bronte Pool LRCC 12 Dec 2015  (1 of 1)