Hi All,

Firstly apologies for not putting the correct title on last weeks shot. A complete oversight by me!

Well mother nature played a big part in this shoot with this tessellated pavement at Eaglehawk Neck.

The pavement is formed over many thousands of years and Tasmania does tourism really well and have signs up everywhere about this is formed.

It looks like some has put down blocks and it still amazes me about how neat it all is.

My biggest regret of the shoot is that I didn’t get to this spot earlier. I was shooting around the corner and by the time I got here, a lot of the colour in the sky had gone.

Also with an incoming tide that was almost high, it sort of covered it up a bit more than I would have liked but still that is mother nature for you.

Eaglehawk Neck is an interesting place where the land is less than 100 metres wide between the ocean and Norfolk Bay and formed a natural boundary to the north of Port Arthur for the early convicts.

There was also a sentry here with wild dogs to make sure no convicts escaped and some of the buildings are preserved here.

It is a bit weird to see water on both sides so close together.

Anyway, enough from me enjoy!


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