Hi All,

After staying the night in Port Arthur, we were to spend the next two nights in Hobart but I was keen to see Richmond which is about 25km north of Hobart.

It is an historical area and during the day there are a lot of people around which wasn’t going to make for a great shot but I was keen to work out my shot of this historical bridge and come back the next morning when no one was around.

The construction of the bridge commenced in 1823 and was completed in 1825 from local sandstone and is still in use today and is heritage listed.

The bridge is over the Coal River because funnily enough, they found coal in it!

The church in the background is St John the Evangelist which was constructed around 1836 and it dominates the skyline.

The house on the right is The Mill House which is now a Bed and Breakfast which was built around 1853 so everything in the shot is historic.

I tried to get as much of the modern buildings out of the shot and only one house and the school near the church are shown in this shot.

It did take me a while to decide to use this spot as it is on the side of a rather large hill and I was very lucky that I started shooting when I did as the bridge is lit at night and it switched off after about my third shot.

In using the image where the bride is lit, it “popped out” a bit so I have toned it down a bit so it married in nicely into the rest of the shot.

I am happy with the shot and that is another one off my bucket list as I have admired a lot of different shots of the bridge over the years.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!



Sml Final Richmond Bridge 29 Jan 2016