Hi All,

Another shot from Tasmania and this time from Mount Field National Park which is about an hour’s drive from Hobart.

Timing is everything and it had been very dry everywhere we went and here was no different.

Mount Field National Park is well known for Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls and was established in 1916 but the area around the falls has been protected since 1885.

I do have shots of them, but there is not much flow in them, so they won’t feature in this blog.

I must admit I was looking forward to shooting the falls but given how dry it was I wasn’t sure that I would even water in them. There was barely a trickle in them and a week after I was there they had some good rain and I have seen shots where is there a good flow to them much to my bad luck.

After shooting the falls I was making my way back to the carpark and took the alternate path back which followed the creek a bit more closely than the boardwalk.

I came across this spot not far from the carpark and waited till the cloud cover took over again so I could get my shot.

My only regret with the shot was that I didn’t notice the swirling motion of the water and had I done so would have taken a longer exposure to really bring that into the shot. Other than that I am pretty pleased with the shot but would like to go back when there is water flowing!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.


Sml Final Russell Falls Creek 31 Jan 2016 (1 of 1)