Hi All,

Well another Black & White this week.

This is of Berry’s Bay at Waverton on the lower north shore of Sydney.

My research shows that the area was opened up for industrial use by Alexander Berry in the 1800’s who by the way the town of Berry near Nowra is named after and was also a dairy pioneer in the Shoalhaven.

Apparently this bay is quite deep so allowed bigger ships in and up until a decade or so ago was still being used for this purpose.

This is a really goo spot to get shots. There is virtually no industry of any type there now and there are walkways all over the place and it has some pretty good views.

The reason this shot was taken in black and white was due to the sun coming up near the bridge and bleaching out the sky. It would have been nice to have some cloud.

I like the shot and definitely go back to do it in colour when the sun is around a bit more, out of the way or if there is some cloud around.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!