Sml Final Kiama Lighthouse 28 March 2016Hi All,

Easter Sunday saw me at Kiama before racing off elsewhere.

It looks like a big storm is about to hit but nothing actually happened until after I left and even then, not much came down!

For those who know Kiama, this is at the northern end and there is a pool is around to the right near the park as you come into town.

The Lighthouse in the shot was built in 1887 and can be presently seen for about 15 miles out to sea.

This was an incoming tide so it was a tricky shoot light wise and the foreground rocks were quickly covered up and there wasn’t a big swell.

I like the effect of the cloud (and constant radar watching on the net) and is dramatic without any help from me.

Given the situation thrown at me, I don’t think I could have done much more except actually get down lower which was too dangerous for me to do.

Anyway, enough from me.