Hi All,

An opportunity came up to shoot over on the north side of Sydney and it has been something I have wanted to do for a while.

Only problem is that this place so so far away from where I live that it took 90 minutes. It doesn’t take me anywhere near that long to get to the south coast beaches!

Although it doesn’t look it here, the swell was quite big when we got here so I didn’t venture very far.

Normally I like some detail in my dark spots (like on the left) but I wanted a shot that said “Avalon” so that is why I left the headland is so dark as it is a stand out feature.

As an aside I was using a new filter at this spot and promptly dropped it and broke it! I was not happy with that effort! Not to mention embarrassing.

The filter is called a reverse grad filter and the darkest spot is actually where the orange sunrise is rather than towards the top of the shot where it normally is.

Only down side to it is that it is made of glass rather than the normal resin but it does seem to hold the colour in a bit better.

I have since replaced it much to my bank account’s disgust.

Anyway, enough from me.