Sml Final Bong Bong Trees Pano Colour 10 April 2016 (1 of 1)Hi All,

First of all a shout out to Aurora Jane who lives down in this area, thank you so much for showing us around your backyard.

Secondly to my wife Anna, who processed the shot.

I took the shot but I was not happy with any that I took on this day and was pretty cranky with myself so just left the shots as they were on my computer.

Anna saw this one and processed it…..well I would not have been able to get this with my lack of skill in Photoshop. I think she has done a great job.

I must admit I am pretty impressed with the shot, not so much of what I took, but the processing!

Bong Bong Racecourse is east of Bowral in the Southern Highlands and the club was formed in 1886 and holds a picnic race meeting each year.

It was getting so big that in 1985 poor behaviour meant that it was not run again until 1992 and now only members and their guests can attend.

Whilst the racecourse itself is flat, these trees are actually on a hill inside the track itself, so you can’t see anything down the back straight.

It is a very minimalistic sort of shot and one I probably would not have taken if there on my own, but I am glad I did!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.