Sml Final Coalcliff 20 Feb 2016 (1 of 1)Hi All,

First of all whats with the heading?

Well this is blog 200 for me and thank you all for viewing my shots over the years.

I had no idea that it would last this long and it is certainly humbling to think people read and comment on my images.

With this shot, I wasn’t even supposed to be in the country and normally would not be Coalcliff at high tide but wanted to get out with the group I shoot with..

I struggled to find a composition I liked but noticed the four drain holes in the foreground and wondered what I could do with them and just had a go at it.

Luckily for me this wave also gave the shot some character and it was the only wave to do so like this.

Initially I didn’t think much of the shot but it has grown on me and has received some great critiques as well.

I haven’t actually done much with the shot except tidy it up and straighten out the horizon which are always crooked despite my best efforts.

Other than that I am pretty happy with this.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.