Sml Final Primbee Jetty No 3 7 May 2016 (1 of 1)Hi All,

This shot was more of having to get out and shoot and it is rare for me to get an afternoon to do it.

The forecast was promising with late high cloud which usually brings colour with it…well that didn’t happen!

In any event I wanted to check out the west facing jetties on Lake Illawarra for future reference, so in that I guess it was a success.

The only issue that I didn’t know about was the fact it was high tide so that didn’t leave me much room to move around and the bush closes in on the jetty just to make things a bit more difficult.

Lake Illawarra is just south of Wollongong and one of the advantages is that there are jetties all around it so virtually at anytime of year, there is one somewhere that can be shot quite nicely….only if the weather and clouds play ball!

Still, as I said it was good to get out and have a look around even if I didn’t get the greatest of shots but it does give some ideas and thoughts to the future shoots around here.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.