Sml St Matthews 13 June 2016 (1 of 1)Hi All,

Firstly thank you so much to everyone who responded to last weeks shot, it is much appreciated.

Now to this week. How we ended up here I am not so sure.

We had been talking about various locations to shoot during the week and then on the Friday night, I was asked about here at St Matthews.

I had told them that this would an ideal location for a star trails shoot but we hadn’t really arranged anything…..until we got this.

In a couple of weeks there will be another version of this shot but needless to say this is pretty good!

One thing that a camera does is that it picks things up completely different to what our eyes do.

We couldn’t see all these stars whilst doing this shoot but the camera does but our eyes also adapt better to bright/dark spots than what a camera does.

In this shot the Milky Way is on its way to setting prior to sunrise but luckily for us, it is sitting right above the church.

If we had shot it after sundown then it would actually be behind us and not visible so it was a great decision to come here in the morning.

The down down side was the wind which is why the tree on the right isn’t sharp…it was blowing a gale, but I am really happy with this!

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.