Sml Final Stack Island 10 July 2016Hi All,

I have covered this spot before so won’t go into the history of it.

When the group I shoot with lined up this spot I was keen to “go up top” rather than down low which I did last year in my first visit here.

All I can say is what a view from up here!

There are several spots to shoot from and I will definitely go back to the top area to shoot as it was basically just getting a feel for spots as it was dark and no fences to stop the long drop!

It looks like I am in mid air but I am firmly on land and not even close to an edge but have worked out if I went just a slight bit right I could get more bang for my buck shot wise.

Also a higher tide would be nice to get some action happening on those rocks as well.

This spot is also so easy to get to as well as it is actually a grassy headland.

The biggest issue we had was that the swell was quite big and throwing a lot of sea spray around which meant cleaning my gear as soon as I got home.

Interestingly this was the last shot of the day and I must been in the mood for trying something different.

I used a filter which acts in balancing the exposure in the sky but also “warms” the scene up as well. I don’t use it much but it seems to have worked well here.

I am happy with what I got but definitely go back to this spot.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy.