sml-final-bradleys-head-long-expousre-6-august-2016-1-of-1Hi All,

Just back from a short holiday but only shot locally but stay tuned for some different sort of shots.

Well two for the price of one this week and really the title could be called drama and mood.

One shot shows the drama of a brewing storm whilst the long exposure shows the mood.

This shot is on Sydney Harbour and is just down the road from the zoo. I had never been here before so I had a great time exploring!

There are also quite a few spots to shoot around this headland as well, so I will be going back.

The light that you can see in this shot was built in 1905 and out of shot is the fore mast of HMAS Sydney which is dedicated to all ships lost in battle.

Over the other side of the harbour is Vaucluse and what appears to be another light.

All in all I am happy with both shots, but tell me what you think is the better one and why.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!