sml-final-old-mill-20-aug-2016-1-of-1Hi All,

This place should be called secret location X as I had no idea where I was going for this shoot.

Aurora Jane found this spot somehow… idea how and for something different we decided to do a shoot here away from the coast.

Researching this spot shows that it was built around 1870 and provided for both water and steam operation hence the ducts in front of the building and was part of the village that was here.

There is Wollondilly River in the foreground which is out of sight but we could hear it…just couldn’t see it!

This was an amazing shoot and something we had not realised when we walkedin was just how magnificent the scenery is around here due to it being dark.

When it came light and we were walking out the scene that was presented was one to take your breath away.

So much so that a return visit has already been planned for 2017.

In the meantime, I gave Aurora Jane another place to find that I couldn’t, and she finds it within a week……. another shoot to be planned!

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!