Hi All,

Well this shoot turned out to be longer than expected.

This scene will one day be a sea of houses but hopefully not too soon so I can get more shoots in here before it goes for good.

Whilst I was shooting this image the lady from across the road came and spoke with me.

She knows me from previous shoots here so filled me in on what was happening on this property.

It is such a shame that it is going and no one seems to notice locally that they are about to build on a flood plain.

The Nepean River is off to the right and big rains come the soil is waterlogged for weeks if not months.

Behind me is the historic “The Pines” house. The owner has invited me to shoot the outside but gave me a glimpse of the inside and wow is all I can say!

It was built circa 1865 and is in very good condition having really been looked after.

I know the owner is very upset with authorities on how they have handled all of this development in the area.

This exposure is very long and I didn’t realise there was a moon rise when planning the shoot.

Worked out well I think!


The artwork has been sent off and I am just waiting on a proof copy to check before pressing the go button, so they should be here sooner rather than later hopefully.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!