Hi All,

With the rain that we had at the time, a shoot of a waterfall in the Blue Mountains was planned.

I have been aware of this spot for a while but wasn’t sure how far it was from Terrace Falls at Hazelbrook.

Well it turns out it was quite close and only a couple of hundred metres away!

As usual it was an early start as we had a fair walk in but got to Terrace Falls so early that we had to wait for the pre-dawn light.

Once that arrived we walked down to this spot. The reason we waited was that I was not familiar with the track but had vested Terrace Falls before so knew that track well.

Salote Pool was apparently named after a home of one of the original Trustees of the park which was normal for the time.

If you think this was green…you should have been there! It was an assault on the senses and due to the file size, the shot doesn’t really do it justice colour wise.

Just to add to it, there are some pools nearby which require get shots at too.


Well the go button has been pressed so should be here shortly.

Once they arrive I will let everyone know!

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!