Hi All,

I must admit that I like shooting waterfalls as they come in all shapes and sizes.

This one is no different and is one of the easier waterfalls to get to in the Blue Mountains.

Cataract Falls is on funnily enough, Cataract Creek and is a multi tiered waterfall and the upper parts are hard to shoot.

It is is what is known as the waterfall loop and is located at Lawson about half way up the mountains.

The waterfall loop has some four waterfalls on it but in reality you can also throw at least one more into the mix with it.

The loop was in place before 1900 and my guess its that the tracks were built around the same time as Terrace Falls around 1890.

It had rained the previous night so I was expecting quite a flow when I picked out these falls to go to but as you can see…..well not much!

Still, I got to have a bit of a poke around and will go back once there has been days of rain I think but I think the log in the foreground with moss saves the shot a bit.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!