Hi All,

Well something a little different this week.

Originally we shot another location and it was suggested we walk around to here.

Behind me is the Harbour Bridge and views to the Opera House.

I wasn’t sure about how to shoot this as this is actually two shots put together and normally I like to be quite front on to the subject when I have this sort of shot in mind.

I didn’t do it in this case for some reason and initially I wasn’t even going to process it until I was cajoled into doing something with it by Aurora Jane who was with me on the shoot as well as Mike.

I could barely stay wake as it was quite late and I was getting messages from Aurora of where was the final image….well here it is!

The final result I must say came out better then I thought it would given I had no thoughts on how the final shot should actually look initially.

It was shot in colour but I think the Black and White final version shows a certain mood.

I have shot the upper part of this spot (out of sight) and I can tell you this tree is full of bats at night!

Anyway, I am pleased with the final shot and thanks must go to Aurora Jane for pushing me and guiding me with some processing issues.

2017 Calendars

Finally they are here!

I have been in contact with those who have placed orders and still have some to contact for payment and delivery.

This should happen over the next few days.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!