Hi All,

Well I went from shooting on my own to the group Christmas Party for this shot!

Actually not quite true….the party was on the north side but Mike knew that when you get 80 photographers in a small area well you end up with some in your shot.

This spot is the next headland down and Mike suggested this would be a good spot to shoot before going to the party.

I have to say this is a pretty impressive place with several compositions to get.

This was I think the third spot I did a shot from and it is hard to shoot in the dark when you haven’t been to a location before!

I liked this one as it has the coloured rock in the foreground and the line going towards the headland, plus the cloud was a bonus too.

The only downside to this shot is that we had to walk back up over the headland to get back to the car and being really humid, made us a perfect target for all of Sydney’s flies!

I swear there were millions of them all on us!

When we got to the Xmas party and told the other where we had been, the first thing we were asked was “How were the flies?”

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!