Hi All,

I am currently playing a bit of catch up with the shots so I am jumping over a few shots to get there.

There are heaps on shots on my flickr site at:


Now with that out of the way, this spot was only chosen as it was high tide and a big swell.

As you can see, it is very true!

I decide to process this one in Black and White mainly due to the orange light that is at this location.

It stays on quite late so you need to do something to get rid of it so black and white it was.

I also wanted to get the water as high as I could so that it would fill the frame.

This was achieved plus I wanted to use the caution sign here as well, even though it was for slipping and falling.

Some hardy souls turned up for their daily swim but as you can see, no go.

It would have been nice tp have some colour in the sunrise bit that wasn’t to be.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!