Hi All,

Still in Zion but this is from the first morning shoot and this spot is called the Court of the Patriarchs.

Apparently it is named after three “heads” from biblical times, namely Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This shoot was planned back here in Australia but until you get to the actual spot, it is all theory and it didn’t help that I arrived when it still pitch black!

I was supposed to be able to shoot all three heads but couldn’t work out how to do in the dark when it looked like there were trees everywhere.

Anyway, I started to shoot but wasn’t happy with the results I was getting but I did spot a small opening in the bush and it led to this spot. I had to follow the deer tracks to get into here.

I must admit that I am so glad that I persisted in trying to find a spot as I am really happy with this as the sun has not hit any of the hills in the background and the flowing river makes the shot.

From here we actually kept on going up the river and as the walls of the canyon’s got closer in we just kept shooting as no light was getting in, so it made for a good morning.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!

Sml Final Court of the Patriarchs Vert 28 March 2017 (1 of 1)