Hi All,

Ok, this is the last one from Zion National Park but I think you will agree it is a mind-blowing place just from the shots I have put up.

This is the one shot that I absolutely wanted on top of all the others as this was the first image I saw of the park.

The funny thing it is the most popular as well as the easiest one to get to as it is just inside the park entrance and on the main road.

I had my ebook with me and it told me to be there at least an hour before sunset and for good reason….crowds!

When I arrived I was the only one there so I got the pick of the marked out spots (like a car park!).

By the time the sun was setting there were people everywhere and they were picking up my Australian accent so wanted a chat as well.

It was great to watch this and chat and shoot as well.

I am absolutely rapped with this shot and the only thing different I would want would have been some nice colour in the sky but that is mother nature for you.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!

Sml Final The Watchman Vert 28 March 2017 (1 of 1)