Hi All,

Still on the way home but I do have some surprises up my sleeve for shots from the USA.

Was going to shoot further up the coast near a place call Chinaman’s Hat which I did an afternoon shoot of back in 2015 and was really keen to do a morning shoot.

Well that was until I discovered I couldn’t gain access until after sunrise which made the trip pointless.

It also meant I have to all on a plan B really quickly and couldn’t work out a spot that late the night before.

In the end I went with easiest option and came here as it is only about 20 minutes out of Waikiki.

I wasn’t having much luck until the pastel colours came into the sky.

What makes this shot really hard also is that rocks are really black but are all volcanic.

That little blimp at upper middle right is a lighthouse which can be visited by walking a long path around that mountain.

Must be spectacular as there always a lot of cars parked there for it.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy!




Sml Final Makapu'u Beach Sunrise 9 April 2017 (1 of 1)