Hi All,

I just happened to be in Bathurst for the 12 hour race back in February but also wanted to get out and about whilst there for the race.

Amazingly this shot is only about a kilometre from the main street in Bathurst and is on the river flats of the Macquarie River.

This area is really a food bowl with vegetables growing all around the place here and they were certainly hard at work the day I shot this.

To say it was warm is an understatement…it pushed 37 degrees each day we were there.

I am not sure if the house is occupied or not as there is still power connected to it and hasn’t fallen over or is derelict…it just looks well worn!

This is a two shot panoramic which I put together as I wanted to include the road meandering through the shot.

In case you are wondering about that storm behind the trees….that is what it actually looked like but went in the opposite direction.

Wherever it went was sure to cop a big summer storm!

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy.




Sml Final Pano Edgells Lane Bathurst 6 February 2017 (1 of 1)