Hi All,

A bit of bushbashing never hurts anyone and it certainly was in this case.

Aurora Jane and I had been shooting in the area the previous week and then walked further down the creek and we came across this waterfall.

We didn’t venture down as we couldn’t see a safe way to do so.

The next week with Mike back and Aurora’s son guiding the way down by doing a bit of bush bashing we made it down and this place has to be seen to be believed.

It really is natures garden in here and I couldn’t decide which of the two shots I took in here to use for this weeks blog.

So at the end I have put the flickr link to the other shot in so you can see it too.

Probably the only reason I like this one a little more is that the wood in the water points right at the waterfall, otherwise there is nothing in it really.

We eded up finding a better, safer way out of this sport but it was a great shoot plus we were rewarded as well as this spot probably hasn’t been shot much.

The flickr link is:

Bush Creek Waterfall - NSW

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy.



Sml Final Burrawang Creek Waterfall 30 April 2017 (1 of 1)