Hi All,

Most Australians will know of the location and the evil that went on there so I don’t propose to cover it here any further.

What I will cover is how I took the shot as this was a first for me.

This is actually two shots in one.

Firstly I took a shot that exposed the trees correctly and then a second for the sky and then blended them together.

This does happen a lot with modern digital photography but this is the first time I have done this with any of my shots.

Just on the sky, it was clear when we showed up despite predictions there would be cloud and right on cue, it turned up to give us some colour!

With the shot, whilst happy with this, I have gone back the final shot (not this version) and adjusted the sky a little as I got a bit heavy handed at the top, so I am much happier with the end result.

Anyway, enough of me carrying on…….enjoy.




Sml Final Belanglo State Forest 7 May 2017 (1 of 1)