Hi All,

This weeks shot is again from the Blue Mountains.

I had not realised just how much I have been up there this year.

Cataract Falls is at Lawson so over half way up the mountains and is on a track that actually has five waterfalls (although everyone says four but there are two at Junction Falls).

All are very different but Cataract is at the start of the walk at one end and pretty easy to get into.

The track itself was started in the 1890’s but I haven’t been able to find why they are so named.

I have to admit this is a hard place to shoot.

No idea why but it is just hard to find a really good composition so for that reason alone, I will go back sometime and maybe do Federal Falls which is the next one down.

From memory it was a cloudless day too so we really had to get shooting as soon as it was light.

All in all it is something different with that moss on the tree on the right.

Enough from me……..enjoy!



Sml Final Cataract Falls Pano 17 June 2017 (1 of 1)