Hi All,

This weeks shot looks as though it isn’t real…..well it is!

Bombo is one strange place and whilst there are heaps of spots to shoot, it is difficult as well as the rock is so dark.

This means that exposure is critical to getting it right.

The one good thing about the shoot was that it was high tide with a huge swell so that we were getting the water coming through like you see…but timing is everything.

The bad thing about the shoot was no cloud, so I have knocked down the clear sky so it sort of blends in and I think it works.

I have attached a link so you can see me in action too. That’s me on the far left:


It was taken by Mike Hobbert who I shoot with on most weekends.

He has dropped the stars in on his shot…..but then again he was there at 3am!

Enough from me……..enjoy!



Sml Final Bombo Quarry 22 July 2017 (1 of 1)