Hi All,

This week’s images is from the Blue Mountains and it is a waterfall that I had not previously been to.

As the heading suggests this is at Leura and for those who know the area, you walk past the Cascades to get here.

The strange thing with this location is that there is another one at Wentworth Falls which is not that far away from here.

I was with Mike and a local Julien for this shoot and Mike just says lets go here but I have to somehow work out how to get therein the dark!

It’s not the first time Mike has done that to me but we always manage to find where we are going to.

Anyway this shoot was a challenge in more ways than one. There was no cloud, was very windy and 3 of us in a confined space.

We had to shoot quickly before the sun got in there plus hope that the wind didn’t pick up any more than it did.

I just managed to get this shot with no movement but would love to go back when the conditions are more suitable.

Getting out of here is a massive slog so I left the other guys so I could take it easy coming back up out of the valley.

Took it easy all right……the shoot was on the Saturday and my legs ached till Wednesday!

Still, it was worth the effort.

Enough from me……..enjoy!





Sml Final Side Leura Weeping Rock 5 August 2017 (1 of 1)