Hi All,

Some of you saw an image of mine this week that featured fog and lots of it.

Well we gave up there as the fog just isn’t lifting and drove around looking at other locations.

I came across this little spot and immediately went to work as the fog was lifting quite quickly here but wasn’t lifting 100 metres to my left……go figure!

Shooting here was similar to the Tank Traps from a few weeks ago….bit left..a bit right…all level just to get it right and save work later on.

The road itself doesn’t look like it gets used much but was rustic enough me to shoot.

I was really pleased we got something for our morning’s effort and I can’t wait for Autumn to come back here to shoot with the golden leaves.

As usual we always adjourn to a local cafe to discuss what shots we got and stories tall and true.

Ironically the cafe we were at was appropriately named……The Ugly Mug Cafe!

Enough from me……..enjoy!



Sml Final Richmond Lowlands Driveway 2 September 2017 (1 of 1)