Hi All,

This weeks shot is from the Wollongong area.

I think Aurora Jane suggested we go and have look here as the gate here is now open all the time rather than just in daylight hours.

Oddly though is that I haven’t been able to find any information in relation to when the break wall was built or up graded as those blocks look new on the right of the shot.

We were so lucky with the cloud that we could take our time with the shoot which I will explain later on.

The blocks seem to be placed haphazardly so finding a spot was harder than we thought.

In the end I settled for this spot and the lines are the walking track out to the end but were also the track for the various vehicles that constructed the breakwater.

The cloud is streaked a bit due to the longish exposure.

I have also colour version of this shot and is just as good as this shot.

It is unusual to have both versions come out as well as each other.

I ended using this one as it showed a bit more creativity I think.

The 380? It is 380 metres from the starting point and we walked out to the end at the 1000 metre mark and back, so I got my step count up nice and early!

This will be last blog entry till the end of April/early May as I will be on some well earned leave but be assured I will out and about shooting!

Anyway, enough from me….enjoy!


Sml Final BW Port Kembla Breakwall 10 March 2018 (1 of 1)