Hi All,

One thing is for sure when I do these blog posts….I shouldn’t do them late at night!

I neglected to tell you all that the shots that you saw on flickr are all available for purchase, so just contact me for your requirements and we can go from there.

This weeks shot was taken at Easter and was a bit of a gamble in that I knew I would have cloud but not sure about colour!

Well I got quite a bit of it as you can see.

This lighthouse was built in 1871 and was restored in both 1974 and 2002 as the lighthouse is actually constructed from wrought iron.

This spot is the only place on the east coast of Australia where there are two Lighthouses very close to each other.

The other one in this instance is just to the south of this shot, out of view.

I wanted to shoot a different angle to what I had seen on the internet and also if I could shoot inside the harbour.

This is the result and I consider myself a very lucky photographer to get all this colour.

The water is looking slightly glass like as the exposure was at 10 seconds and it also picks up a bit of the colour.

All in all a pretty happy chappy was your photographer.

Anyway, enough from me….enjoy!


Sml Final Belmore Basin Lighthouse Wgong 2 April 2018 (1 of 1)