Hi All,

This shot was taken on the first day of my recent Annual Leave.

My son and I decided to have a weekend in Canberra to do a few things plus it also allowed me to get a few shoots in as well.

This particular shoot was a mind blowing experience.

I was down in the normal spot which is down on the water so when you look at this shot, both ends of the bridge are exactly the same.

Anyway, I was down there just getting started when the wind and storm just showed up.

I couldn’t go back to the car as it was too far so I climbed up into this spot which is about half way up the slope.

Oddly enough I was then dry as the rain was coming from over my right shoulder but missing me as I was pressed up against the wall.

I then just kept shooting whilst I was waiting for the rain to ease off.

The strange thing with this shot is that it is raining but behind Parliament House is clear sky!

Those black lumps on the bridge to the right are pigeons with a stray one on the left who would have been getting wet.

All in all a testing time with the weather but I must admit I am pretty pleased the way this one came out.

Anyway, enough from me….enjoy!


Sml Final Commonwealth Ave Bridge Canberra 15 April 2018 (1 of 1)