Sml Final Duke York Lookout 31 Jan 2016Hi All,

Well we are back in NSW first place to go was the Blue Mountains.

There was a lot of rain overnight and I thought that Katoomba Cascades would be the spot to shoot…..well that fell in a big heap as it wasn’t flowing much at all despite the rain!

It was then about getting a shot, any shot so a short walk led me to here.

This is the Duke and Duchess of York Lookout so named after a visit by the Duke and Duchess in March 1927.

I like this spot, for those who know the area, the 3 Sisters are off to the left out of sight and the Skyway is above the top of the shot.

You can see Mount Solitary centre left with Narrow Neck forming the right side border.

The Jamison Valley is in the foreground with a bit of fog in the valley. I wish there was a bit more but that is nature for you.

I like the shot as it represents a typical lookout shot but it isn’t from one of the more popular ones.

For the technically minded, this shot is slightly over exposed which is rare for me to do.

Anyway, enough from me, enjoy!